Texel e-vignette (English)

With a Texel e-vignette it is easy to park in the villages and near the beaches. You can buy a day ticket (valid for 24 hours) for € 10,- and a weekly ticket for € 20,-. The weekly ticket is valid for 8 days. For € 30,-, you can also buy a Texel e-vignette valid 365 days from purchase.

In all villages (built-up areas) and in all beach car parks from 8.00 to 20.00 hours (including Sundays and public holidays). A Texel e-vignette will allow you to park anywhere in the villages, virtually without any restrictions. There are a number of exceptions to this (see below).

You can buy the e-vignette online or at the parking machines. You can pay online with iDEAL, a credit card or PayPal, or with a credit or debit card at the machines. You will receive an email with details of your parking rights. You can’t pay with cash at the machine. You also have the option of using Belparkeren or you can purchase a parking ticket from the machine whereby you pay by the hour. However, please note: you will very quickly save money with a Texel e-vignette.

  • You can buy the e-vignette online or from a parking ticket machine.
  • Enter your license plate number and select your ticket.
  • Pay with iDEAL, PayPal, Mastercard or Visa.
  • Your parking permit will be sent to you by email.

Our parking attendants will scan the registration numbers of the parked cars. They can instantly see whether and for what period you have purchased parking rights. You will not receive a sticker or any other visible proof of payment. The registration and monitoring are done completely digitally.

Den Burg

  • Den Burg ring: max. 2 hours (everything within the Beatrixlaan, Emmalaan and Bernhardlaan)
  • Albert Heijn car park: from 09.00 to 17.00 hours max. 1 hour
  • Vogelenzang car park: max. 2 hours
  • Parkstraat and the first 4 Burgwal parking spaces: max. 30 minutes

De Koog:

  • Lidl car park: max. 2 hours
  • De Brink: max. 2 hours


  • Heemskerckstraat between J.C. Rijpstraat and Barentzstraat.

Use a parking disc to register the time of arrival. Please check the interactive map with parking spaces to view the paid parking facilities on Texel.

Yes, you will need a vignette for parking any vehicle in a parking space or in a car park where paid parking applies.

No, that’s not possible. If you don’t want your registration number to be registered, you have the option of buying a valid proof of parking from one of the parking machines. You will need to pay € 2,50 per hour. Your proof of parking will need to be clearly on display in your front windscreen.

No, that is not necessary. Being in possession of a European Disabled Parking Permit is sufficient. Please note: in car parks and in parking spaces with a limited time duration, you are obliged to use the blue parking disc to indicate your arrival time in addition to your parking ticket.

The Texel e-vignette is 365 days valid from the moment of purchase. This day card will be valid for 24 hours from the moment of purchase.

The e-vignette can be transferred against payment of the processing costs (€ 12,70) from 1st January 2021. You can use the Change license plate number form for this purpose. You will need to send along the exemption certificate and the new registration certificate (confirming the name change). If you have a lease car, you will need to send in proof of its return and a new registration certificate.

No. The parking permit is not transferable in any of the above cases. You can only have the parking permit transferred when you buy a new car. Please use the Change license plate number form. Along with this form, please send an indemnity statement and the new registration certificate (name of the registrant).

The Parking Tax Regulation does not include a cancellation or refund option. It’s therefore not possible to cancel your Texel e-vignette and obtain a refund for the purchase price.

No, no new parking machines will be added. Our focus is on increasing the number of Texel e-vignettes which are purchased via the internet in advance.